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Tadas Zaicikas
Tadas Zaicikas (1974) was born in Lithuania where he attended an art school in grade school; awarded master's degree by the Kaunas Technology University (1996). Since 2013, he lives and works between Canada and France (Saint Pierre and Miquelon). Member La Mda- the association with a national competence of all professional artists from visual arts stated in France. The intensely personal introspective journey of life, from the ever- changing complexities of love, loss, birth and death have inspired and encouraged him to become a professional artist. Most of his oeuvre focuses on the abstract art but he also enjoys impressionism and mixed media works. He experiments with various styles and techniques to create something that mixed spiritual and physical on canvas. He works by continuously building up and tearing down, layer upon layer, adding and subtracting; an instinctive dance between the conscious and the unconscious until the emotion is expressed. His bold palette knife work and use of intense colours allow to interpret subject to express and convey to the viewer the emotional essence evoking strong emotional responses. He uses primarily oils and encaustics to create thickly layered canvases with emotive bursts of color creating a world where imagination and reality come together to evoke a feeling. Exhibitions: 2018, October 19-21- Art Shopping at Carousal Du Louvre (Paris, France); 2018, October12-14 "MANIFESTA 12, BIENNIAL" ARTSHOW IN PALERMO (Italy); 2018- A winner at the 2018 American Art Awards -category “Abstract” 3rd place 2018 - Visions gallery (Toronto, Canada), Solo show “Musing on the Edge” 2018 - Artusiasm Art Gallery (Toronto, Canada), Group Exhibition "Abstraction in Action" 2018 - Contemporary Art Gallery Online- Art Competition and Exhibition “2018 ALL Abstraction” 2018- The finalist in the Fusion Art's (USA)- the 2nd Annual Colors International Juried Art Exhibition 2018 - The finalist Fusion Art's (USA)- the 3rd Annual Landscapes International Juried Art Exhibition 2018 -The finalist Fusion Art's (USA)- the 2nd Annual Black & White International Juried Art Exhibition 2018- Light Space & Time Art Gallery (USA) the “Abstracts" Art Exhibition Painting category 10th place 2018 - Mona Youssef Gallery (Toronto, Canada) 2017- Applecrate Galleries (Ottawa, Canada) 2017 - Fleet galleries (Winnipeg, Canada) Publication: AKOUN - La cote des peintres 2018 (France) ArtQuench Masters Edition Art Book II 2018 (USA) Inspiration: International Art Book_ Contemporary Masters Collection_ volume 6 (2018, USA) Spotlight 8 - Contemporary Art Magazine (France) Member of: IAA AIAP- CARFAC; La Maison Des Artistes (France); Visual Arts Alberta (Canada);
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Silent Night Acrylic on Canvas, 20 x 24 Inches, 2017
Angel Oil on Canvas, 26 x 30 Inches, 2018
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