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Judy Jing Pang
Judy Jing Pang is a Chinese-American artist currently residing in California who specializes in surrealist figurative oil paintings. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in the Department of Music Theory from The Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. While in the conservatory, she studied Guqin (a traditional seven string Chinese zither). She also studied traditional Chinese painting under a renowned traditional Chinese painter for four years. After graduating from the conservatory, she taught both music history and Chinese music theory at Beijing Dance Academy. After moving to America, Pang began to experiment with western painting techniques, ranging from watercolor to acrylic to tempera, before falling in love with oil painting. She studied at Pasadena Art Center for more than five years and has painting numerous original creations of her own. She tries not only to capture the beauty of the nude figure on canvas, but also a certain mood. "I had thought that studying music had purified my soul. If that was the case, then oil painting has given my soul wings to soar,” reflects Pang. She lives and work in Ontario in California.
Koi 38``x 48``, oil on canvas
Ethereal 32``x 32``, oil on canvas
Cumulus 32``x 32``, oil on canvas
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