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Aysen Savci
Aysen Savci (1960, Ankara) Formally educated as an Industrial Engineer, Ayşen Savcı carried out a professional work life including several executive roles both in Turkey and Sweden. At September 2011, she joined a glass artists collective and started to work on artistic techniques on enameling and forming glass in kilns. She had the opportunity to attend workshops with both Turkish and international prominent artists, covering different techniques for kiln forming glass as well as sand casting. Meanwhile she continued to paint in order to develop further and diversify her artistic capabilities. Ayşen Savcı currently continues her work of creating kiln casted glass sculptures at her own studio, Studio Volcano, in central Istanbul. ( In short time, she realized several solo exhibitions and took part in group exhibitions and art-fairs. Her work can be found in private collections in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Milano, London, Athens, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Chicago, Sydney, NY. Ayşen Savcı is also officially invited to take part in the exhibition ‘Personal Structures’ which is an official 2019 Venice Biennale collateral event. Artist statement I would like to bring out the soul of glas… Glass is my passion! I create my sculptures in glass by making use of a process called ‘Kiln Casting’, where glass is melted and cooled down in kilns through heat resistant moulds which can be used only once. I have had 7 solo exhibitions and took part in group shows as well as contemporary art fairs. I make mostly figurative sculptures using the lost wax technique and usually combine my glass pieces with natural stones. But lately I have developed new ways of expressing my thoughts and feelings through glass. These are created by making use of open moulds and scrap furnace glass. What I have been doing can be described as using glass like a three dimensional canvas, creating three dimensional paintings. I make use of the mysterious light reflected by the glass, the visual movement, the texture and the depth of multi-layering of colors in three dimensions. In short I am trying to bring out the soul of glass… In my work one can see the influence of past events that left a mark in my memory and the current events that are happening in the geography that I live in right now. Rather than the events or the situations themselves, my work represent the impressions and feelings evoked by them. I am very much concerned about what is happening to people when our world, especially the geography that I am living in is going through very tough times with wars, terror attacks, limitations imposed on freedoms… And these are reflected in my work.
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Solo Exhibitions : 2014 June - Dibeklihan, Bodrum 2014 September - Swedish Consulate General in Istanbul 2015 March - Ortaköy Culture Center Art Gallery, İstanbul 2015 September - Dibeklihan Erdinç Bakla Art Gallery, Bodrum 2016 May - Gallery Art &Life Cihangir, İstanbul - Curator Beste Gürsu 2016 August - UKKSA Gallery, Datça 2018 January - GaleriDeniz, İstanbul Group Exhibitions and Contemporary Art Fairs : May 2015 - KAGİDER, Istanbul December 2015 - 6th International EGEART, Izmir March 2016 - 2nd ARTAnkara Contemporary Art Fair, Ankara October 2016 - 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial, İstanbul November 2016 - ARTİST - 26th International Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul March 2017 - Emin Antik Art Gallery, Ankara April 2018 - ARTEXPO Spring Rome 2018, Domus Romana Art Gallery, Rome August 2018 - Stockholm, EDSVIK Art Fair 2018 - Edsvik Konsthall October 2018 - Louvre Paris / Carrousel Artshopping, Paris