Tanja Playner

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famous artist Tanja Playner at the Art Basel week-

Pop Art artist Tanja Playner with general Manager of the Grand Hotel Euler and with the representative of one of the biggest auction houses Sotheby`s

Venus in the night.

oil on canvas, 100 x 150 cm

Football legend Oliver Kahn with famous Pop Art artist Tanja Playner Hollywood actor Ralf Moeller with Tanja Playner
Germany`s next Top Model Lena Gercke with Tanja Playner Tanja Playner with celebrity journalist Steffi Brungs from RTL News
Tanja Playner with actress and model Sophia Thomalla well known pop art artist Tanja Playner with italian actress Antonella Salvucci
celebrity TV-Journalist Arabella Kiesbauer with the artist Tanja Playner at the International Modern Art Austria Biennial 2017 TV Moderator and winner of the 4 Ski Weltcup Rennen with Pop Art artist Tanja Playner
Tanja Playner with international film producer Raj Rajilal Chef of the MRC - Porsche Racing team Karsten Molitor with Pop Art artist Tanja Playner
international actor and model Jimmy Jean-Louis with pop art artist Tanja Playner celebrities Nicki Müller and Alicia with Tanja Playner at the International Modern Art Cannes Biennial during the Cannes Film Festival 2017

well known Pop Art artist Tanja Playner

Pop Art artist.

The love to art Tanja Playner (born 1982) has developed in her childhood by a creative environment. In youth she was fascinated by the pop art works of Andy Warhol, the philosophical Fantasy world of surrealism of Salvador Dali, the facets rich colors match by Gustav Klimt, the shapes and estethik of abstract expressionism by Vassily Kandinsky. The most important starting points of Tanja Playner is the dynamic life of the city, Nature, people who are at the center and a joie de vivre.

Her works are unique and unmistakable. They let the hearts of many people beat higher. With your messages love, joy, and optimism, lifestyle thrilled Pop Art artist Tanja Playner the world.

Ranging from exhibitions in public spaces and art festivals in different Countries at the beginning of her career, the artist Tanja Playner managed today by Curators of the museums to be very popular. Even two difficult pregnancies with long months of hospitalization were not interrupt her passion for art.

From Los Angeles via Washington, Miami, New York, via Paris, Monaco, Madrid, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Milan, Moscow, Dubai, New Delhi, Seoul, Tokyo, Sydney, Brisbane and Rio de Janeiro to South Africa is known and popular Pop Art from Tanja Playner. The American author John Pirillo wrote in his critique "reminds me of Andy Warhol mixed with a touch of Picasso".

The artworks of the artist Tanya Playner were shown in art museum from Miami and California till the Carrousel du Louvre. After solo exhibitions in museums and galleries present the Pop Art galleries artist at art fairs worldwide. Pop Art artist Tanja Playner has done it with their colorful artwork to make people aware of worldwide. With her statement "My art is not shocked - it makes people happy around the world," the artist conquering the world. Online press articles about the artist reach more than 700,000 readers. The Pop Art artist Tanja Playner has worldwide on her Twitter account more than 145 000 fans, it making she one of the Pop Art Celebrity Stars of the art world. In her book "Art of Tanja Playner. Feedback from 5 Continents "says the artist about the art market, her position in the art market, what critics from around the world say about her Pop Art art and how she manages to be so well known worldwide. Tanja`s work was also displayed at the Museum of the Americas in Miami,FL, the Latino Art Museum in Pomona, CA, the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, Antoni Gaudo Modernist Museum in Barcelona, as also in Historic Oxford Town Hall & Museum and the Alliance Francaise in Dubai. Her Artworks was shown in ART Fairs from Paris, around Barcelona, Oxford and New York. As the most popular Pop Art artist in Austria she was invited to be ambassador of the project "Art in the service of Peace" from Austrian Armed Forces International Centre. Tanja Playner is also one of the youngest artists, who in lifetime has her own Museum. She has opened in year 2014 in castle Hubertendorf in Austria MAMAG Modern Art Museum to the people with her artworks more joy to prepare. After numerous exhibitions are the artworks of artist in private collections and in the possession of the museum worldwide.

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2016 - International Fine Art Cannes Biennale, Cannes, Boulevard de la Croisette, France
2016 - Artexpo New York, USA
2016 - 1st Central Europe Fine Art Biennale, MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Austria
2015 - Contemporary Art Fair Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland
2015 - Spectrum Miami, USA
2015 - Contemporary Art Fair Los Angeles, USA
2015 - Art Rochester, USA
2015 - PAKS Gallery (Solo Exhibition)
2015 - Amsterdam International Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage - Amsterdam
2015 - International Modern Art Austria Biennale, castle Hubertendorf, MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Austria
2015 - International Modern Art Fair Austria, castle Neuberg, Austria
2015 - Art Hamptons, USA
2015 - Tokyo International Art Fair
2015 - MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Austria
2015 - Artexpo New York
2015 - International Modern Art Dubai / Parallel to Art Fair Dubai/ Alliance Francaise of Dubai, UAE
2015 - Austrian Armed Forces International Centre / Project "ARt in the service of Peace"
2015 - Sandro Botticelli Prize
2015 - PAKS Gallery
2015 - Oxford International Art Fair / Historic Oxford Town Hall & Museum Oxford, England
2015 - Institute of hispanic culture of Houston
2014 - MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Austria
2014 - Barcelona International Art Fair, Spain
2014 - Casa Batllo, Antoni Gaudí Modernist Museum in Barcelona, Spain
2014 - Castle Hubertendorf
2014 - PAKS Gallery
2014 - Svenska Konstgalleriet, Malmo Sweden (Solo exhibition)
2014 - Art Salon Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
2014 - MOA Art Museum, Miami USA
2014 - Latino Art Museum, California, USA
2014 - Louvre Museum, Paris France
2014 - PAKS Gallery (Solo Exhibition)
2014 - Museum St. Florian / Exhibition "High Speed in your life" (Solo exhibition)
2014 - Galerie Henrietta / Austria Vienna / Exhibition "Glamour Pop Art" (Solo exhibition)
2013 -2014 - Siegfried Marcus Museum (Solo exhibition)
2013 - PAKS Gallery (Solo Exhibition)
Exhibition “Das Leben ist schön “
2013 - 2014 Galerie Artothek / Austria Freistadt
2013 - Baby Pause
2012 - Baby Pause
2011 - Baby Pause
2010 - Ausstellungen / Exhibitions Schweiz / Switzerland Zürich,
Österreich / Austria Wien / Vienna, Salzburg, Feldkirch
2009 - Ausstellungen / Exhibitions Russland /Russia Moscow, Perm
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