Kelvin Low

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Kelvin Low

Kelvin nimmt diese harte und weiche Dualität als Quelle für seine Kunst. Jede Person enthält
und reflektiert unterschiedliche Mengen, und er wird von diesen einzigartigen Schichten inspiriert und Kombinationen, die darunterliegenden und überlagernden Texturen von Licht und die Farbe Schwingungen, die durch unsere täglichen Erfahrungen pulsieren. Dies hat zu seinem Konzept geführt Entwicklung und Ideen der Verschmelzung von "ENERGY" und "LUMINESCENCE". Dieser innere selbst erzeugte Energie in uns allen; treibt uns an, die beste Reise für uns selbst zu nehmen, um die hellsten Sterne, majestätischen und atemberaubenden Earthscapes, spektakulär zu erreichen Naturerscheinung von Biolumineszenz und Energie erzeugenden Tiefseegeschöpfen. Die Schönheit in allem erklärt und ungeklärt präsentiert uns in der reinsten und großartig.

Die innere Energie ist in uns allen. Bilder von Energie und Lumineszenz.

Growing up, creativity was Kelvin’s entertainment.
His family’s farm in the Malaysian highlands had no
electricity or running water, and as a young artist Kelvin
was exposed to hand-made crafs, creative experiments
and artistic solutions on a daily basis.
From searching for firewood, collecting drinking water from
an open well and fishing at the river for food, to crafing
wood, traditional kite making with newsprint, corn starch,
thread and bamboo, to melting candles together as a light
source fuelled his imagination.
Being from the Highlands, Kelvin has always been inspired by light. Firewood,
candles and fireflies at night, the morning mist and clear blue skies during the day,
and the stunning Malaysian golden hour in the evening.
Having moved to the city he was most fascinated with definable subjects such as
datelines, certifications and a professional life. With this blend of both sof and
hard subject matters, he found ways to expand his artistic vision and continue
developing new ideas and ways to express.
Artist Statement
Kelvin takes this hard and sof duality as a source for his art. Every person contains
and reflects differing amounts, and he is inspired by these unique layers and
combinations, the underlying and overlaying textures of light, and the colour
vibrations that pulse through our daily experiences. This has led to his concept
development and ideas of merging “ENERGY” and “LUMINESCENCE”. This inner
self-generated energy in all of us; propels us to take the best journey for ourselves,
to reach the brightest stars, majestic and breath-taking earthscapes, spectacular
nature show of bioluminescence and energy generating deep sea creatures.
The beauty in all explained and unexplained presented to us in the most pure and
The inner energy in all of us. Paintings of energy and luminescence.
Kelvin Low
(b. 1975, Malaysia)
Artist Signature:
Kelvin Low
Kelvin’s Work
Early developments of his conceptual art journey were
inspired by Claude Monet, Piet Mondrian, John Constable and
Cy Twombly. As he developed more freedom and depth,
artists such as Mary Corse, Kai Mayasuki, Jorge Caliguiri, Mark
Rothko, Peter Wileman, Stev’nn Hall and Christian Hetzel
expanded his imagination and personal style.
Kelvin reached deep within, uncluttered and rebuilt. Breaking
away from logic (but stay guided with principles), boundaries
and norm.
Through various study and self taught experiments, he
continues to find his voice and strives to develop his concept
and idea about “ENERGY” and “LUMINESCENCE”.
His blank painting with heavy texture and gravity formations
structures the start of his paitnings. Colours then come to live.
The textures take form and engrains pigments. Bioluminescence / Inner Energy
stays afloat on these paintings.
Sometimes we need to get lost in order to find ourselves. Kelvin’s journey is an
effort to combine the colour and light of urban life with the mist and quiet of his
childhood in compositions that strive for an emotive silence; pulse and vibration of
inner energy.