Erica Fromme

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Diversity, 140 x 100 cm

Acrylic on Canvas, mixed Media

Euphoria, 150 x 100 cm

Acrylic on canvas, mixed Media

Dirigenten tam tam,

Acrylic on canvas, 70 x 100 cm


born in Paderborn/Germany
first art studies at the University of Paderborn/Germany

International Contemporary Master

Certified Artist Museum of the Americas, Miami

paintings in Museum-Collections USA

International awards and publications

The Global Art Award for Abstract Art, Dubai, November 2017

Independent artist since 1991

International Exhibitions and Artfairs in Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Tokyo, Singapore, Santa Fe, Dubai, London, Ankara, Istanbul, Wien, Basel, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Montreux etc.

My paintings are like sculptures; thick color applications break the frame. The works are expressive, colorful, modern, animating, impulsive, full of vitality and happiness”

Erica Fromme

Dexterously textured, vibrant works, reflecting a passionate palette with vivid explosions of pigment and form is the calling card of German-born artist Erica Fromme. Erica applies oil and acrylic paints to canvas freely, finding communication with her spirit through color as it permeates her creations with warmth and timelessness. She hopes that her artwork gives the gift of positive energy to the viewer. Erica earned a Master degree in Contemporary Art and The Global Art Award for Abstract Art in Dubai November 2017. After three-year working residence at the South Florida Art Center in Miami Beach, Florida, Erica has been freelancing as a painter since 1991.

Her large-format, color intensive and expressive pictures have been exhibited internationally as well as nationally, and her pieces are treasured in both private and public collections alike. Her “huetopian paintings” resonate strongly in the mind of the spectator. Thoroughly expressive in brushwork and pure, electric color, Erica is inspired by the Abstract Expressionists. Her new paintings have their own style between Pop Art, Street Art and Abstract Art. She integrates unique materialmix into her paintings. Erica Fromme has been exhibited internationally in Germany, America, Spain, Japan, France, and elsewhere.